Freedom from obsession

Personally I always found the process of conversion from a platform of belief into another as something like a self-denial to get out of the mental primitivism.. I’m “here”, psychologically caught in this bubble of meanings, rituals and universal explanations.. but this bubble doesn’t convince me anymore.. so I want to go “there”.. not outside, because I’m finally tired of such an ignorant way of living & thinking: I just want to jump into another construct of primitivism, hopefully to find myself safe in there..
The mental protocol of this pattern is nothing but an organized form of obsession..

I can convert myself from one man-manufactured prototype of living into another, from a syncope of dogmas/hopes/truths to another.. perpetually!

But I cannot be convert myself to the understanding of reality, because reality, the very fact of thinking which is fact regardless of the poisons of faiths and superstitions that contaminate such fact, is indeed fact and nothing but fact! Believing is not fact, it’s action: it separates fact from thoughts.

One cannot convert herself to reality because reality is not belief: one can just dismantle all nonsenses men have built up around reality, so to not feel lonely, with no existential meanings..

Thinking and living is experiencing, only when this experiencing is no longer based on any belief or dogma whatsoever, or on any previous, not fully comprehended, experience… then the psyche can really see reality without any pre-packaged idea in this regard..
One can see the family, the wife, the son, the father, the friends, the inward and outward psychological suffering for what they are with no interpretations nor labels.

Conversion from this to that, including things like moving from alcohol into a support group then depending of it, or from materialism to spirituality and so on.. brings into being gratification, the illusion of the “new”, the “this is more important that the former life I used to do”.. but this blind process of gratification, regardless of the possible positive outcomes .. is in itself merely a hindrance to the development of an intelligence which goes together with reality.

Have you ever noticed how easily what one calls “gratification” is in truth, covertly, mere obsession?

Have you ever seen the nervousness, the maniacality, in the mind of so many people involved in the so called “spirituality”, or “conscious path” or whatever is going on in this modern internet second hand market of bubbles and idiocies? There is tension, distress, striving for misty forms of gratification at every cost.. the think positive, the how to open your third eye, the how to see the aura, the kundalini, the goddess .. it’s all a nervous obsessed nonsense!

When one extensively decodes the total process of obsession and its whole mechanic and dynamic, only then is there the possibility to dismantle it with no more illusory tricks and traps brick after brick.. and no more justifications of the problem appear along this evolutionary act of thinking..

It is obvious that freedom from obsession, which is that primitive attitude of being trapped in a certain bubble of patterns, represents an extensive step toward self-psychological freedom

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