Get Ready For Life Without Nations

I wanted to say something about the “Nation Killers”. You might know them as “The New World Order” or the “International Bankers” or whomever you think is destroying the free world. There is no doubt that destruction of nations and national sovereignty is taking place. The US military government and the other failed states are just rolling in to other countries and setting up their own corporate regimes. It’s on the news everyday. Of course it’s not called imperialism but nation building, defending freedom and spreading democracy – all of which is anathema to the hidden hand.

What I wanted to say is: Don’t worry about it. Don’t fight it. Welcome it. It’s going to happen. The era of the international border is gone, it’s history. And we should be saying. good ridden. Where did the whole nation thing come from? Kingdoms. Nations are just kingdoms with or without the king. Who wants a king?

What’s going to happen is the people behind the plan are going to see their plan unravel in the end. By the time they’ve taken every freedom they can and consolidated their world empire there won’t be anyone left to rule because no one will want to play. Good for the individual – bad for the tyrant/king.

What do you care if there is no Canada or Guam? Wouldn’t you like to travel the world without a passport? What we have to do while all the tanks are rolling and the police state is arresting it’s citizens is start growing out of the system. We must refuse to be controlled by the monetary system, the tax system, the war system, the no private property system, the freak food system and all the rest and make our own local systems that work best for people. We can all start to regain independence by creating it. People are doing it every day where ever the system is seriously and indisputably broken.

The greater universal reason the day of the tyrant is finished is that it runs contrary to growth. Not growth of another man made system but growth as living beings. We will grow toward something that is better for life. If not – we won’t make it. We’ll become extinct. We are heading in to another golden age (galactic alignment) where people will lose there fear of life and want to be more independent, creative and there is no place for the tyrant in the coming age.

So, let them clear the brush and tear down the fences. It’s a great way to start something better – a clean slate – and very few of us would ever have thought of it.


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