Getting Better At Earth

For thousands of years human beings have either refused to change or for some reason been unable to. It’s the 21st Century but we’re stuck in Ancient Rome. Ancient dysfunction…

We’re not really living in the past, we are the past. We’re the same past hopes, past fears and tribulation. We still worship gods and bow before kings. We just refuse to live better.

One reason I see for this, repeating the past, is our approach to life on earth. I should say someone’s approach to life on earth. The system we’ve been struggling to live under, a system put in place by others over the course of history, is one that says, “Change the earth to make life better for me”. Or, adapt to our system.

The opposite of that system would be adapt ourselves to live on earth better.

We could do this if we were left alone to do it. But there has never really been a free society, that I know of. A society where people are left to do what they deem best, as individuals. I’ve never lived in one.

I was thinking about this last night, about how to change my life, how to do something else, something different, something better. The only advice I’ve ever gotten on this is, ask somebody for a job.

That feels wrong. It feels like torment. In order to do something I have to ask somebody for something. Who has independence? In fact we are taught dependence under the guise of liberty and freedom. It’s a ruse, a con.

As far as I can tell there is only one natural born, legitimate, justifiable ruler on earth. Nature is the True King.

We could say Nature is a Divine King. But everywhere you look there are people fighting to usurp the role of Nature as the law of the land. While this status quo continues there will be no “Better, no “Change”. There will be nothing different for the people of Earth because the affliction to sit on the thrown goes against Nature.

Our nature, which is Earth nature, is not to command, but to cooperate. To coexist. Not to serve, but to share


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