Getting in harmony with the universe

How to Live in Universal Harmony

“Happiness is mental harmony; unhappiness is mental disharmony”, James Allen

Articles of this genre will have some fact and some hypothesizing. This article is no exception.

An, at hand, example of harmony might be found in the plants and particularly the flower. It’s spring time and here they come, soon they’re budding then blooming and what a great sight that is. Then we see them reach a peak and start to fade. By winter they are gone from the scope of three dimensional perception. Where are they?

The universe is made up of a type of energy. All ‘things’ of Life are formed energy. We can conceive the concept of energy. We can picture energy. We intuitively understand this energy because we are energy. One of the laws of thermodynamics states that energy is not derived from nothing. Is there such a thing as nothing? We know there are things we can’t see. But they’re there. The energy that forms the universe goes through cycles where we can’t see it. Is this where the flowers are in winter?

Spirals are visible all over the landscape here at home and out there in the vast seen and unseen Universe. A universe of spirals seen and unseen. This is a constant condition of life. We spin at the atomic level. The earth spins. Earth’s weather systems spin and cycle.

Energy, also according to the laws of thermodynamics, cannot be created or destroyed (at least not by mankind). We see the destruction of energy as a change in form. Life is constantly going within itself, so to speak, and then it will blossom forth in another wonderful explosion of form. As we gain understanding of life through observation we see that it’s hardly possible for us to operate or be structured unlike the universe.

If we are structured as Life then we operate as life “Naturally”. So why would we feel disharmonious? Why would it be necessary to harmonize with something we are? Isn’t disharmony a result of faulty thinking? A product of faulty teaching? Did We learned that we were not life?

If we ask the question, “Why do I think about being in harmony with the universe?”, what would we answer? Isn’t it a little strange that we think about this at all? Actually I wouldn’t call what we’re doing in this case thinking… It’s more of a thought… a memory of something we heard that produced a twinge of fear. Or maybe it produced the hope of more …

Regardless of where we got wind of this idea about universal harmony or how it scares or inspires us it’s really a waste of energy on our part. Most of it leads nowhere… As far as I know, no one knows where the flowers go. No one knows what happens when we die… it’s all guess work.

If you want to see harmony with an environment watch animals… Not pets, or animals at the zoo… but animals acting like animals… Do they worry? Do they wonder if they’re doing the right thing? Do they feel guilty or ashamed? Do they hang on to the memory of their failures?

Do you think that any wild animal ever died from a stress related disease?

If you want to live in harmony with the universe eliminate all stress. Anything that causes stress… remove yourself from it… Get rid of it. When all stress is gone – harmony will remain

Alan Watts: the dense object view.

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