Getting Rid Of Stuff

Holding on the broken stuff

I just moved from Texas up to the North West Territories. I have the opportunity to see my Mom now and the first, or second, thing I noticed was the amount of stuff. Specifically the old, not used and broken stuff that’s “Still There”.

I remember when I was a kid, when my Dad and I spent a lot of time together, we threw stuff away that was no longer useful. If we could fix things we needed, we fixed them. If not, we threw them away.

This, “Not getting rid of stuff”, got me thinking about the whole of our society. I rarely see things in terms of the single event. I always look at things as they fit into some larger system. All singular events stem from the big “Macro-Life” picture.

For instance, how does any single crime fit into the larger system of a society. Crime has a direct relationship with the economy, that’s connected to the governemnt, which is connected to some geopolitical ideology, which in turn is connected to a life philosophy of some individuals wielding power.

If we think about holding on to stuff that no longer works in any utilitarian way as a singular event as a reflection of a larger system we might better understand why criminals are allowed to stay in control of a nation. There is a connection of an emotional type at play in each.

I don’t understand the emotions involved in keeping a toy I used when I was five or a coat that only a three year old could wear but these things, and stacks of stuff like this, are stored. I do understand that it’s an emotionally driven act.

It’s this same emotional involvment with things that enabled people to vote for nonsensical, unethical and blatently criminal politicians. Emotionalism is why we have a society that doesn’t work for everyone in it. We’re hanging on to something that’s broken, worthless and in the case of government – dangerous.

Getting rid of stuff is good

Getting rid of stuff is liberating. Holding on to stuff that isn’t usable, that serves no practical utilitarian purpose is – what? I can’t think of any words that feel right. I guess lost comes to mind. Maybe confused.

I see this same emotional phenomenon when it comes to the theistites. Why hold on to something that isn’t working? It’s worse than that actually. The fact is that theology was never there except in books. Theologies aren’t about god. Theist religions all follow men and claim they’re following gods. It was never there to begin with. What’s the attraction?

What would happen if we starting getting rid of all the stuff that doesn’t work? What would we lose? Dysfunstion? Our illusions?

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