Ginger Tea Stock

If you’re paying attention to health you’ve found some teas and drink them every day. I’ve known that ginger is supposed to be really good for us for a while and I keep buying ginger root. Problem is it usually sits somewhere until it goes bad.

I saw that ginger root in the fridge today and thought, “I should boil it and use the water to make tea later”. So I did.

Making a ginger tea stock worked really good. I just peeled it like an apple and grated into the water. Simmered it for a few hours, strained it, poured it into a jar and stuck it in the fridge. Later I got a cup of ginger tea stock, heated it up and put a tea bag in it. Tres Jolle…

I guess I could do the same thing with a licorice root, or any root. I’ll have to experiment.

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