Gossip… the quest of shallow identification

Gossip goes together with the quest of shallow identification and because of this trend, which is all about distraction, great inattentiveness and a restless mind are what comes into being.

A refreshing movement of psychology does not come into being with adhesion or denial, (surely not with escapism); it can only be vivid when there is the understanding of what is.. which is the vitality that an intelligence willing to understand its own conditioning’s requires to bring about a healthy psyche..

Restlessness, to so many people, seems to be a sort of hidden and surreptitious defense mechanism against self-psychological clarity and fresh rationality: it seems that the many actually fear, paradoxically, clarity.. therefore they cling to perpetual comparison with the other, a sort of “necessity of an opposite” for identitarian purposes, and often even an ”enemy” so to fill up the everyday’s illusion of living in psychological security.. which instead breeds to great restlessness and everlasting frictions.. inwardly and outwardly..

Shallow comparison, the expression of which is gossiping, is obviously the doorway toward a daily cultivation of superficial “civil” irrationality..

Gossiping indeed is one of the branches of the ramification of a conditioned mind..

Without any inquiry deep within this ramification, within this so frequent vapidness toward which so often we all cling.. the brain becomes progressively an “exhausted couch” for mental comfort areas .. soaked by pettiness and by the paucity of daily banalities..

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