Government As Entertainment

People like to be entertained. People like to laugh, be shocked, be scared. Government in the U.S. has all that and more.

People also like to be angry. People like to feel fervent to a cause. Government offers opportunity to get revved up.

People also like to be taken care of. Governments like to say they’ll take care of people. Governments love to say “We”.

The fact is the whole of government is a purpose unto itself and it’s masters. The whole of government today in the U.S. is an misdirection arm of the world owners. I’m pretty sure at some level everyone understands this.

I guess what’s missing in most people is the complete realization that, with our government, things can only get worse. It will only get worse as long as governments control people. When people control governments there is, at least, the possibility for things to get better.

Things getting better is only possible when people get better. The more people understand about themselves and their relationship to the rest of the Universe the more apt they are to make better choices.

Right now we have a population hooked on mass media entertainment. I’d like to see what would happen if we were all hooked on finding things out. I mean finding things out for ourselves.

Do we investigate all we see or hear on the government media shows?

How would we find out if it’s real or not?

There are many reasons why people go along with – not real.

The thing is there is a real Universe we can deal with. We can participate in real life. I’m convinced that dealing with reality is for more enjoyable than making things up, following along and being entertained.

We could stop seeking ground. We could stop looking for some thing to cling to. We could enjoy what is. What is will never end. What is will always be.

I’m going to do my best to stay always in what is. I like it there. It feels like home.

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