Government: The Great North American Addiction

“I wonder what it will take for people to stop asking for punishment?”.

It sounds silly but the whole fiasco is made possible because of those people in the United States suffer from an addiction to government. Those people are enough to continue voted for republicans and democrats, paying taxes and taking, what appear to be, favors from government at others expense.

Somehow, enough people forgot that everything in the financial realm has a price. This seems like it would be hard to do but enough people have become so used to debt – they don’t think about it. Maybe I should say – they can’t think about it. Thinking about it would call for thinking about quitting and that gets real painful, real fast.

Sound like an addiction? How about a dependence? Is dependence to the point of devastation an addiction?

I also wonder how long we have till there is no turning things around. Everyday, all day long, another incremental move is made against peoples freedom. We barely have any freedom as it is – but no one seems to notice.

Debbie Morgan,

Columbia MO October 27, 2010 – While the Obama Administration has recommended that the Bush era cyber-security strategy become more “evolved,” Global News Wire announced the Mid-October testing of Autumn Blend, an interoperable credentialing system that would facilitate an electronic identity authentication infrastructure for “government and industry personnel.”   The demonstration came at the hands of Northrop Grumman and FEMA.

The new documentary, Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2 – Implementation, addresses the cyber-security issue.  Research for the film uncovered that Obama and his administration would like to see the current Bush program “evolve and become part of an even bigger national cyber-security strategy.”

Quoting the film. “Obama has tried to assure Americans that the government will not monitor private sector networks” yet this new demonstration by FEMA and Northrop Grumman says participants of the Autumn Blend project were from the federal, state, local and private sectors.  Just how much control will FEMA have, and will it exclude volunteers in communities that want to lend a helping hand…

Enemy of the State guest Ernest Hancock is pretty clear when he says, “We are suffering the exact amount of tyranny that we are allowing” and that “the only way that we are really going to be free is when we evolve past the need and emotional dependence on any government.”

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