Governments Mistaken Identity

We are in a very crucial period of human development in the United States. Political activism could very likely insure our demise. The main problem is a case of mistaken identity. It’s being made by the U.S. citizen. Not all, by any means, but by the most vocal: the political activist. The mistake is that people have confused the government with the nation. When we say the nation is at war, we should be thinking – the government is at war. The government is always at war. That’s where it makes it’s money. The governments war on drugs is not the nations war on drugs. It is the governments plan to harvest a human crop. It’s a scam. The whole government is a big scam. It’s an entity employed by bankers and corporations.

Bankers and corporations are insured the means to drain the nation, and the world, of it’s resources – by government. In return the government gets it’s cut. It doesn’t take a lot of time to find out what that cut is. Our government has profited from turning it’s legislative power over to the biggest, most powerful, criminals ever to walk the face of the earth. These criminals aren’t anything new. They’re the same as all tyrants from any century. They aren’t unique to the 21st century. They’re just bigger and more powerful.

This is due to the U.S. military and the available weapons and technology of the day. It makes it possible for them to harm many more than even a pol pot or Stalin. International banking and corporations have literally taken over the planet. They now have absolute power. It may seem like things are moving slowly towards complete disaster but that’s only due to the pockets of resistance manned by informed people and “rouge” governments. The people in this country are, for the most part, assisting the government at every turn through their greed, apathy, hostility, self hatred, laziness, lack of ethics and common sense.

The worst of these is the political activist. They cry for Democracy. For Justice. For equality and ethical treatment for all. It’s constant. It’s taken over the blogs, the media (online and on the air), it is a constant bickering debate all directed at what? The government. And the government replies, “We hear you, we’re listening”. In this they are telling the absolute truth. They want this dialogue.

The activist, like the government, has gotten addicted to a spigot that pours out money. The government was made it possible through, regulation, laws, amendments, crimes against the constitution, the nation and it’s people, for the worst of the worst to flourish while the people and the nation wither and die.

They have themselves entrenched. They’re hunkered down behind bunkers of rule and obfuscation. They have us beaten down and are standing with their boots on our necks and the activist squeaks out, “Can we talk…?”. Of course they can talk. That’s what the crime bosses want. Let them (activists) think they are getting somewhere, accomplishing something, fighting the good fight. But it’s not fighting, it’s begging, whining, then getting your teeth kicked in – again.

Please let me have some vitamin C. Please make the insurance companies stop letting us die. Please don’t make vaccines mandatory for my babies…How pathetic can it get? And it wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t addicted to the very programs designed to destroy them. Please subsidize my special interest. Please make Tommy stop teasing me. Give me, give me, I need, I want…please.

Does activism change things? I suppose it does, it depends on what we mean when we say activism. If we mean dissent than yes. If we mean working with the government…No. You don’t get in between a beast and it’s meal. You may be tolerated as long as you are seen as a nuisance. If you become a real threat you’re going to get bit.

We’ve been bitten so much that we’re scared. If there is one thing in this world that scares me it’s the U.S. government and it’s employers.

Elite money interests rearranged the way senators would get into office. This has all but insured that only those backed by these interests are in legislative positions. Not all, but it only takes a majority, now, to change the rules. That’s another ploy of the tyrant – create a democracy and centralize governmental power. Read what Thomas Paine has to say about democracies.

So the political activists choose sides and rally around the gates of insanity. What we need, if we want things to change, is dissent. Notice how the government praises activism? We’ve even got a Bamma Blog. But also notice that dissent is in the same family as terrorist. How many activists will be in the civilian army? Doesn’t disarm them and form a civilian police force set off any alarms? Every day in their conversations with government they strengthen the governments position. They are essential to the plan and so they are momentarily tolerated. The truth is, this government is not only the most dangerous dog on the planet, it’s completely unnecessary. The nation didn’t create it. The constitution warned against it and made provisions that we might escape it. It has created itself. Program by program, law by law, it has grown in size until it considers itself “To big to fail”. Without a serious dose of healthy ethical dissent – it is.

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