Gravity Is More Likely An External Force

Do you ever get annoyed with scientists and their attempts to explain the universe without proving the groundwork for the explanation? Boy, I do. I’ve seen a couple of, so called, science documentary type shows on TV telling people this happened or this is happening because of this – with no proof. That’s not science, that’s more like a spooky religion. I think we have enough of those.

I’ve long said that the most beneficial words in the human language might be “I don’t know”. I don’t know is the response of the sane open mind to any lack of proof. Another bothersome thing scientists do is blame their magical theories on real scientists such as Newton or Einstein.

Rant over I’ll put forth some ideas about gravity.

I think gravity is more likely an external, downward or inward,  pressure. Downward from the perspective of a person standing on the Earth’s surface, inward in regard to the Earth as a sphere.

We already understand weight, pressure, electromagnetic properties of attraction and repulsion. From these “known” forces we could explain what gravitational science has been trying to invent.

Instead of some mysterious (mystical) force pulling from (somewhere) inside the Earth wouldn’t a pushing effect from a, known to exist, make more sense?

How much does the atmosphere weigh? I’d never thought about it until yesterday. Why should we think about it? We’re told we should thank our lucky stars that gravity is holding all that vapor to the earth. We’re very lucky cuz without the magical force the atmosphere would just drift away, out into space.

Try to make this work in your common sense thinking: The gravitationally explained Universe is expanding (Huh?). If gravity was a force pulling from within our solar system would disappear into the Sun this afternoon.

Gravity is completely unnecessary in the real world. We already know of forces that result in what we see and experience.  All we need to do to understand pushing instead of pulling is take a look at magnetic forces. We know that clouds are mostly (I’m not sure, so mostly) negatively charged. While the mostly (repeat) Iron planet is positively charge. Opposites attract, hence atmosphere doesn’t dissipate into space.

We know “empty” space is full of energy. All energy I’ve heard about has a magnetic type quality. Even down to yin and Yang, Male and Female and so on through out all observable life.

Your energetic make up is attracted to the Earth. There is an exchange of energy taking place between you. If you’re fatigued, take your shoes off and walk in the grass. Your body has insulating material in it called Fascia. What is it insulating? What is it keeping apart? Why?

The energy theme is observed and repeated over and over in everything we see and everything we are so why is it ignored by the pseudo sciences?

How much does a square mile of space weigh? What is space? Does the Sun exert energy on space, which in turn exerts energy on the earth? If space is something, which it is, then this has to happen. You can know it has to happen without knowing much of anything about anything. If you know that all stuff has “some” electromagnetic property then you can readily see that it all has some attraction / repulsion thing going on. It’s simple and provable. Better yet, it’s observable, scalable and proven.

Hopefully from this you can begin to play with this model in your mind. That’s all I’m doing, leaving the don’t know door open.


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