Great Planet For Humans

Staying healthy means understanding what the mind and body need to thrive. No one is truly healthy until real nutrition is obtained. No one is truly healthy under stress.

Confusion, frustration, fear: All negative emotional energies; All forms of stress.

Our world, our societies, governments, money, power, success and failure: All stressful, confusing, frustrating and for from secure. If we don’t feel it, we’re not paying attention.

Here’s something we can all do anytime to ease the stress of dealing with society and the psychopaths who pull the strings. We can all shift our attention to the ground beneath our feet, take our shoes off.

Shift our attention to the air and sky above, go outside, breathe.

Earth is a great planet for humans. We might have forgotten but we’re part of this planet. We’re connected with it and it’s vibrations. When we shift our focus from stressful things and focus instead on the planet we can synchronize with the earth again.

When we take our shoes off we allow the circuit to complete and the earth energy to flow through us and cycle naturally. We should never where shoes with rubber (insulated) soles.

One more thing about the earth – it’s pretty stable. It’s been around for a while and it’s pretty dependable. We can count on it.

The more we focus our attention on the Earth, Life and Living Simply, the better we’ll feel. It works, it can’t help it, it’s nature. Our nature. Earth nature.

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