Hating Isn't Helping

People are hating a lot these days. We hate corruption in governments and we hate the government officials who abuse and corrupt their elected offices. We hate injustice and we hate the police state. We hate tyranny and tyrants and people who work for them.

Why do we hate all this? Must be we think it’s the best thing to do. We think that the process for a better world starts with gaining knowledge of the things that are making our lives lousy. No one loves that which makes their lives lousy, so the natural course of events would be to hate that which is evil and seek to overcome it.

Some people will tell you that their god hates evil too – although he doesn’t hate the evil people. The same people will tell you their god gets angry – so why shouldn’t you?

Some people say, if you don’t hate the current forces of evil there must be something wrong with you. So we have a world full of “good” people who hate evil and fight against it for the betterment of mankind. Is this realistic or nonsense? Can you fight fire with fire?

Can we fight cancer by hating it? We have a war on cancer – don’t we? What wars have we ever won? How much evil have we bested by hating it and declaring war on it? This battle against evil is eternal because there are really no opposing forces.

Evil cannot be won over through war. War is evil. Hate is evil. Hate and the hate mentality must be resolved: Healed. Hate is the cancer. You can’t hate cancer out of existence. Disease needs healing. Hate and evil are the same disease.

Evil is the result of a mistake. People who hate, people who practice evil, are victims of mistaken identity. So can we heal this mistake? How? The mistake results in – I can hate this and beat it. I can win the game by getting rid of what I hate.

This is no new idea. How’s it working? Why would anyone entertain such a notion after thousands of years of testing the hypothesis has never proven it out. Isn’t the opposite true? That the test has shown clearly that hating and warring has only resulted in hating and warring?

It doesn’t work. The idea of hating must be replaced by the concept of healing.

Evil must be healed. Tyrants must be healed. Wars can’t be won. War must be healed. We can, right now, start this healing process. The next time we see what we hate – heal it. How? Stop hating it.

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