Healthy Eating For Guys Like Me

The No Meat Experiment

I love the taste of meat. One time I had a huge box of rib eye steaks I got from the guy next door who raised Brahma Bulls for the rodeo. I ate one every day and thought I was a very fortunate man.

I love the taste of pork sausage and for years have eaten some every morning and sometimes more when I felt like it.

A few things have happened to me lately and as a result I’ve changed the way I eat.

I guess the first thing that happened was I started to see eating animals as sort of weird. I can’t say exactly when or why this started to take shape in my thinking but it did. To think of looking around and seeing a dog or a cow and saying, “I think I’ll it that”, sounding funny, and sort of stupid.

Aside from some law why not eat each other? We kill each other by the hundreds of thousands and there are people starving to death right now so why wouldn’t we just eat other? Probably because it just seems wrong. That’s what happened with me and the rest of the animals. It started to feel wrong.

The other day I was watching a video called Eating. It’s not the first of it’s kind I’ve watched but it really got down to the “Fat” thing. Specifically about the fat and what does to our blood. Greasy old meat does awful things to the blood. Our blood is the vehicle that connects our working parts and not only in the obvious sense that without it we’d die but also without it clean and healthy we suffer in every department that blood is responsible for. Which is all of them…

My whole focus here is on the really greasy meat. Yeah, that heavy, fatty, greasy meat I love to eat. I guess what has also aided in my decision about what to eat has to do with the way I feel. I feel like I’m heavy and greasy. I feel like I’m not getting the oxygen and nutrients flowing through my body because my blood is a dirty goop.

They were saying that healthy blood might resemble clear red wine. Then they showed some blood after eating some fat and Yuck! I thought, I wonder how I’d feel if I had that clean healthy blood?

So I dumped the greasy, fatty meat. I’ll eat fish because I don’t see fish as I see as the rest of those animals I’ve been feeding on. It also has a different type of fat. Like olive oil is different from corn oil. If you give this no fat thing a shot it will take just a few days before you start feeling better and faster and more awake.

All the other short and long term health benefits from ditching the grease aside – it’s worth it just to feel better. It’s worth a one month experiment at least.

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