Heart Attacks And Strokes Self Treatment Guide

From  John C. Hammell – President International Advocates for Health Freedom

Did you know that the REAL cause of heart attacks and strokes is lipoprotein (a), a cement like protein used to repair cracks in arterial walls. Over time, it builds up inside arteries and eventually clogs them. When this happens in the heart, it is called a heart attack, when it happens in the brain, it is called a stroke, but the cause is the same. The solution is a simple nutritional protocol involving very inexpensive nutrients including vitamin C, lysine, coenzyme Q 10 and others.

Anyone can very inexpensively protect themselves from ever having a heart attack or stroke by reading “How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease – The Billion Dollar Cholesterol Scam Exposed by Gottfried A. Lange, MD”, an orthomolecular doctor who truly supports our health freedom cause. If you go to this link, you can order this book right now as either an e-book or in printed form. I’ve read it, and urge you to do the same because it will save a lot of lives while directly helping to counter UN Agenda 21. I’m sure the Rockefellers would love to be able to burn every copy!

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