Hey! Politicians….Stop saying "We"

From the DgsWilson Archives

First, stop saying we when you talk about the people who live in this country. It makes, some people, think that you know what people are thinking – what they want. It’s deceptive. It causes apathy to exacerbate. The truth is, you can’t know. You use polls. I’ve never been included in a poll. So it’s not accurate.

Stop saying we need to do this – or we need to do anything. You, you’re collective we, doesn’t know how. I know this to be true. I live here. It’s not fixed. There are people that have good ideas. If you want to fix things, you might consider getting in touch with these people. Just a note for the public to consider – people that are good at fixing things, people with good ideas, don’t gravitate to politics – they’re busy. They’re doing things, building things, fixing things and making things work.

Here’s what I want you politicians to do – take some time off. Go somewhere. Go to your homes. Spend some time at home. Don’t do any interviews – do not speak in public. Don’t think about fixing anything. Learn meditation – practice it. Go fishing, plant a garden, examine life in it’s entirety. Learn the meaning of happiness. That in itself will keep you busy for several years. Listen to people. Find the smartest people on the planet and ask them to be your teachers. Some how, somewhere along the line, you got goofed up. Somebody said something, some body taught you something – somehow, you got goofed up. That’s why you ended up in Washington DC. “Trying to fix something”.

Don’t worry about the country. It’s not really your problem. There are a million people with real skills that will be able to make the adjustments necessary to get things running sanely. Don’t worry about health care – we’ll take care of it. Don’t worry about business, wall street, the world view, or your jobs. Just sit back. It will take some time to find out all the stuff you’ve done that plays a part in “isn’t working”. That’s OK, we’ve got people that are good at that. We’ll look everything over, study every law and regulation, every treaty, every organization, every single facet of this impossibly convoluted, balled up, no working, mess you and your political ancestors have created – and we’ll fix it.

If you need anything just ask. If you have ideas we’ll provide someone for you to talk to. Mainly though – this is a time for you to get better, eat good, sleep good – heal. It will make more sense after you’ve had some time to learn and reflect on the realities of life. Your life isn’t over, but for your own good and the safety of innocent people everywhere – your lives as politicians must come to a close. If you are attentive, if you pay attention and learn to be quite, life will direct you to something meaningful.


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