How conflict arises

Separation is another topic that should be inserted as an absolute priority in the educational process and far beyond..

Or better to say: the topic inherent in the dangerousness of separation which comes into being because of the attitude of clinging to thoughts (especially macro-pre-fabricated thoughts, ie; imitated thoughts, adopted thoughts and “second-hand” thoughts).. without an attitude pivoted in a healthy act of thinking about the way we think itself.

Conditioned thoughts create, as well, conditioned systems of thinking and living, that’s obvious.. then we cling to these systems as means & measures of psychological security, of “truths”, of verbalized realities and so on.. and by doing so we separate ourselves from what reality actually is, psychologically and tangibly..

In separation we destroy each other.. as well conflict arises inwardly..

The terrorism, the prejudices, the borders, the ideologies and beliefs and all the rest of it.. (we all know the “game”)..

One wonders if one can actually realize the dangerousness of the identification in ideological separation, rather than following this or that model of “truth” whether ideal, spiritual belief, religious imprinting, philosophy, cult, sect, new age’s absurdities or macro, but superficial, adoptions of current means and interpretations of geo-political/traditional/cultural “moralities” .. identification with no rational, nor intelligent inquiry in such way of thinking whatsoever.. and so on..

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