How does it feel not to use Nicotine

I’m not over all my drug addictions just yet. Right now I’m dealing with smoking cigarettes as the means of satisfying my addiction to Nicotine.

I made an obsevation this morning concerning “how it feels to not use Nicotine”. I woke up after about five hours of sleep (which is par for the course for me). As I usually do,  I took a look at what was going on in my brain, mind and body.

The main message I got this morning was – This is how it feels to not use Nicotine for five hours. What did not having Nicotine feel like? Nothing. Did I light up as soon as I’d looked at this for a while? You bet…

Why did I light a cigarette, when I didn’t feel bad not having one for five hours? I guess that’s the real question. I’ve put together some other questions I’ve asked myself concerning Nicotine:

  • I know hypnosis works for Nicotine addiction, why don’t I go get hypnosis treatment?
  • I have “Stop Smoking” hypnosis and subliminal recordings in my audio library, why don’t I listen to them every day?
  • If not using Nicotine for five hours feels like no big deal, why do I seem to be afraid to quit?

I do think there’s a way I can reach the brains subconscious control center on my own.  I’d like to do it and record my process. On the other hand this could be another addiction lie I’m telling myself.

Regardless of whatever might be going on I wanted to add this observation on Nicotine addiction to the self health journal. We’ll see what comes of it.

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