How Dumb Can We Get

Waiting for golf to come on TV and caught the end of a college basketball game. Some player was sitting on the bench crying. Crying like a baby. Crying? Over a ball game? In your 20’s? A guy?

Then the golf game came on and I see some guy from the army, or some armed forces, holding a flag beside the green. What the fuck is going on? Are we totally nuts? My take? Yeah about a 50/50 split.

Somewhere around half the people in this country are just kooky. But. what can we expect? We teach kids what we learned. We’re only as sane as our teachers. Can’t be any other way.

I guess the key is to never learn anything to well. Leave room in our heads for the next lesson.

If we don’t keep learning we’ll end up a nation of dependents in the middle of a financial collapse with a government dumb enough to do stuff like this

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