How human confusion goes unresolved

Confusion sample, one trillion and four…

If we were to remove the filler words from the following statement we’d end up with, “We don’t beliefs, all we need are beliefs…”

Poster, “Its my own understanding and observation…you are right we have been repeating the same things for a very long time, however the most efficient way to step out of it all is to make peace with it and come to an understanding and agreement of how we can move forward together. Whats happening around us is what it is, we dont need to judge it. Its served us well to learn from and now time to move on as were feeling a push inside to take new leaps and experience life in new ways. Facing things is a great way to move forward. Looking at them and seeing them for what they are without all the belief systems and stories that we tend to create and define our experiences with.

From my observation I think what people fear most is how powerful we really are. Weve created a comfort zone within or collective consciousness and its challenging to move forward because were so used to this way of life and we cant see whats possible or whats even really there. Observation is really important and compassion to share our knowledge and our light to inspire and enliven the spirits of people to know that we are amazing beautiful beings with unlimited potential.”

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