How The US Government Can Avoid A Cyber Attack

Another warning from Panetta (LP) came out recently warning of a Cyber-Attack (The next Pearl Harbor) was bandied about by the Serial Media.

If the US Government, and all philosophically similar governments, truly want to prevent a Cyber-Attack it’s pretty simple: Stop fucking with people.

Leon, and other government salesman, always say “We” when they talk about “The threat”. But the we they refer to is in reality only them. The real we that’s threatened are the war policy makers and those doing the boot work. No ones threatening me. Well, other than governments for war… and that threat would end if they’d just – Stop fucking with people.

I’d feel way safer, and I’d be safer, if you war policy pimps would all find something productive to do. Grow something, build something, go to work for someone who makes things. I mean real things, like shoes or awnings. Stop making decisions and referring to yourselves as we – Like anybody but you is involved.

In fact I’d feel, and be, much safer if we (the people) made the decisions. How is it the government decision makers always seem to be so inept – as people? It’s like they’re all broken.

On the other hand we know there is an actual threat. We know it’s not “Us” being threatened but “You”. Yes, someone is bound to mess with all your e-stuff. You should feel lucky. Lucky that there aren’t people as out of touch with reality as you are with real weapons. Now if that ever happens, and I’m constantly amazed that it doesn’t, then all you can do is run and hide. Remember that as crazy as you are someone crazier is bound to show up sooner a or later. We both know you haven’t the slightest defence against a real threat – Don’t we?

So, for your own good – Stop fucking with people. And please, don’t concern yourself with me – I’m okay. But then – I’m not fucking with people.


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