How To Completely Waste Your Life On Earth

My question to politicians, corporate heads, international bankers and the like: Why waste a life on … Pointless? I used to meet people who had tattoos referencing “Death & Destruction” – I never really understood it. It always seemed to me a pointless endeavor. But these were just do nothing, think nothing, petty criminals.

I can even understand not wanting to do anything “Socially” productive. I’ve never found anything within the boundaries of western society I wanted to get involved in – other than be nice to people. But to sit in positions of some influence and vote for or write legislation that punishes everybody? Your own kids and neighbors and people across the planet? Is there a point? Something beyond your own temporary comfort? The only point would be Death & Destruction. That’s a sane goal?

Death & Destruction is a pointless waste of life unless you’re a psychopath. I’m baffled. I’m baffled because I can’t see a pay off. Any perceived (make believe) pay off would only be there for a few years anyway. A better house or car or more money is hardly relevant at the price of a life wasted. How many sane people would opt to waste their entire time on earth for a title or street address?

Don’t you see this makes you some of the dumbest people on the planet? Don’t you know why there are so few politicians and bankers per ca-pita? Do you think it’s because you’re special? You think few are qualified or able? It’s because hardly anybody wants to be a politician or a banker. Few have any interest in you or your job. The majority of the people ignore you until you interfere to the point where there is no option but to deal with you. Is that it? You want attention? Is it a “Hey, look at me thing?”

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