How to end conflict

Even the bubbling mind that whirl around mantras of “love, light and peace” …shadows of hope, when not completely lost in its glittered vortex of hippie nonsenses, can see how it’s not really “love” what’s everywhere, but rather conflict..

Not just wars and injustices of all kinds.. but especially psycho-existential conflicts right within our heads and then among thoughts and the societies, the tribes, the ideological projection those minds realized and follow..

Conflict comes from the brain..
What is this thing that we cannot live without conflict, inward conflict, outward conflict?
What is wrong with us ?

It’s all a very complex matter.. indeed we had/have thousand of years in our historical luggages, (today, as well) of so many “how to end conflict”..

We invented the psychologists, the united nations, the universal declaration of the human rights, motivational books of various kinds, the american dream, the socialistic living, the various spiritual tricks, more or less clever.. many many philosophies and practices in life.. but conflict persists, first of all psychologically, then among men..

In truth there is no answer, we tried so many times, we involved even the “negative energies” managed by some evil force whatsoever.. so to easily justify our mess (“it’s not because of me: I was not born to be a brute: I fight because of the evil energies..”)..

We invented the sunday morning’s ritual of cleaning our sins.. which is pretty smart as a stratagem to persist in the nourishment of pettiness..

In truth there is no answer, so one should interrogate himself in order to understand the very reason why we persevere in seeking for an answer (?)..
Why do we want an answer exactly?
We assume that maybe the many believe that the answer leads to the solution.. but the solution merely leads to another stratagem, and another stratagem leads inexorably to another conflict..

The “how things are now”.. always enters the conflict with the “how we would like to see things tomorrow”..

So there is a psychological experiencing of the “how things are now”, which is regardless of the topics involved, a psychological experience always real.. and there is the “how we would like to see things tomorrow”, which is mere abstraction ’cause it’s just an idea, a schedule, a plan..

Talking from a psychological perspective and not a technical one: usually we give massive relevance to the “how we would like to see things tomorrow” and less and less or even zero observation to the “how things are now”, which is the real psychological thing.. just like the “light, peace & love” mind does.. no matter if she believes to “live in the present moment” manifesting the “divine”.. (which is nothing but escaping hebetude).. but doing so, then unreality gets more relevant than reality..

Therefore our possible own self observation gets pulverized by illusions, by beliefs.. while it should be exactly the opposite..

We were not born to be conflict, nor mental dust, but by adopting beliefs, we all became children of the pulverization of our intelligence.. slaves of conditioning’s..

So: conflict comes from the sedimentation of psychological dust..
And such dust comes from the psycho-separative processes of thinking described above..

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