How To Get Good People Elected

I had an idea just now as I was writing an article. I needed to write it down so I wouldn’t forget it….

Of course I think that people need to start picking people they know and trust to run for each and every office. My idea has to do with getting the message of the non-incumbent, not well funding individual, out to the people and getting them elected.

Not only do we need one good person to elect, we need two thousand people giving speeches on behalf of that person. I’m sure you can take the idea from here and I don’t need to say a lot more at this time.

Addendum 1: If people wonder where the candidate is, for instance, where’s candidate Bob, the speaker can reply, this isn’t about Bob, this is about you…

I think we should get a few thousand speech writers too. Also I guess we need to set up a centralized website so people can send in their ideas for what needs done.

The whole fan club politics things needs to come to a close. We’ve tried it. It didn’t work. We don’t need ideas coming out of Washington DC, we need ideas going to Washington DC.

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