Howard Straus Your Food Today Is GMO Controlled

The Battle over Genetically Modified Organisms

Personal viewpoint by Howard Straus

(OMNS Aug 8, 2012) “If you are wondering whether a discussion of GMOs is a fitting subject for this newsletter, consider that Linus Pauling defined “orthomolecular” as “the right molecule.” Genetically modified food may be an example of wholesale ingestion of wrong molecules.” Andrew W. Saul, Editor

Depending on which poll, and how the question is asked, between 75% and 95% of Americans believe that foods containing GMOs ought to be labeled or identified, so they have a choice about consuming them or feeding them to their children. They are opposed by giant agribusiness corporations in league with captive government regulatory agencies, who maintain, with no evidence whatsoever to support them, that GMO foods are safe for human consumption.

Howard Straus, Controversy over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) has been increasing in intensity.

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