I saw a new person

I saw a new person this weekend… I was sort of sad because I thought of the programming that would become her future… The teachings and teachers she would endure.

The future of this clean mind… set upon by a programmed society… She must end up confused…

Even if she resists the programmers, fights to remain free, escapes most of the programming… it’s still a confusing place to be… for most of us it eventually wears us down. The shear weight of people… crushes in on us…

What course to set in the Sea of Human Delusion… Where no seasoned guide for a ships watch stands… what chance for safe passage?

What chance for the new to live unsullied? What chance to stand not bending under the perpetual battering drummed out by belief and fear?

But I got to see her: a mind unscathed, unmarred by teaching… for a moment… I got to see her

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