Ideals, psychology and civilizations

If we “listen” and observe our history, regardless of the culture, the East or the West, and regardless of the ages, then, perhaps we can realize that the logical direction is not towards an ideal in life, a predetermined end.. this is so clear, considering the conflicts, the misery, the initial escalations and final disconnections that all ideals have brought into being in psychology and civilizations.

This is not philosophy, it’s life.

Psychologically, and therefore socially, it’s so evident that the real problem is the what one has and what a collective has in the psyche: the problem is in there.. not really in the issues the mind has created, creates and then attempts to solve.

As long as the mind is dull, manipulated, manipulator or merely confused, so long such mind will approach its issues in terms of its own dullness, manipulation and confusions.

I have a confused little mind but I care about power, respectability, god, big metaphysical visions.. and so on.. as means to solve my problems..

How can I possibly solve them if my actions in life depend of this irrational and insane misery in thinking?

How can the answer possibly come into being in integrity and intelligence if the problems, our intimate problems and the world ones, are addressed by minds who refuse to comprehend their own conditioned limitations ?

We can see, unfortunately, this act of addressing, this movement of confusion, this clinging, this believing without questioning, this striving, this craving and often hate and aggression in all major problematic fields of life..

it is like so with the issue of paranoia,
with sex, with “love: and relationships,
with faith and other faiths..
with the allocation of the resources,
with properties and the “this is mine, that is yours”,
with consciousness..
and with the very act of existing itself..
these all are gigantic issues in our life, aren’t they?
How do we approach them?
By studying some theory?
By praying?
By hoping?
By following the guru, the expert, the wizard, the spiritual book?
By just ignoring the whole thing ’cause our career or amusement, our shining cars and brand new smartphone, our temples and daily ceremonies are absolutely more relevant that these issues?

The answer is in the issue generated by the conditioned psyche.. it is to be explored right within the circuits of movements that make the mind small, captured and distorted..

If a mind really goes in there, not philosophically or “spiritually” or through whatever tricks whatsoever .. but rather actually, rationally, with all of its parts together as a team, meaning; emotionality, perception, memory, intellect, instinct, reason, everything!

then such mind can perhaps find the psychological position in which, from which and because of which a liberating intelligence can come into being..

The end of fear project

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