If Causality Then – How Can There Be Life

I mainly use this blog to report on societal issues. My main interest in social issues is to – help make them known and understood – in order that we might see things clearly. Not sure where we’re at on that.

Once in a while I like to talk about stuff I’m truly interested in. Here’s my most frustratingly unresolved interest.

If causality exists – as a rule in life – Why is there Life at all? If every action has an equal and opposite reaction – How did the first action occur? Or – How can there be a first action in the “first place”?

The most common reaction to this question is, “Let’s make something up”, …people seem to get nervous in the presence of I don’t know.

Thus… We have the creator being and the Big Bang stories. If any of what we think we know about life is factual – then these stories are not possible as explanations of +Life. What was – before all these stories? What created the creator or provided cause for the Big Bang?

So where does that leave us? … and for that matter, where does it leave “Life”?

The only hands on evidence I can find that would say – Life Is – Is my sense of it. I seem to be experiencing something that came “Out Of Nowhere”. Experiencing it, conscious of the experience and an experiencer. We all seem to share this awareness… which is another something that came “From Nothing”.

+Life has to be, to us, if it is to be at all, completely unrecognizable… Completely without definition under any current paradigm.

Since what we recognize – cause and effect, beginnings and endings and so on plainly say – Life cannot be …. The option is that “Infinity Is The Only Possible Reality” and that just doesn’t feel possible. My memory brain needs something with borders, edges and boundaries to work with.

I can’t think outside of this box without a box to think outside of… and that’s exactly what the no cause and effect life is… Boundless

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