If It Feels Good Do it

Being healthy feels good and when we do things that feel good it instigates good health.

I meditate because I enjoy it. It feels good. I started meditating because I thought it was the thing to do. When I was meditating from that stand point, of an assumed necessity, I found out it felt good. There are only a couple of reasons to meditate that I know of. One, you’ll notice things that would otherwise go unnoticed and two – it feels good. Really one isn’t necessarily independent of the other. (what is?)

Some things feel good to begin with but fizzle. I like to eat ice cream. I used to eat lots of ice cream, and bacon, and T-Bone. Then all that heavy eating started to make me feel bad. So I stopped. Same with booze, drugs, late nights and so on. Felt good, then it didn’t.

How does walking make you feel? How about Qi Gong and breathing exercise? How about swimming? Golf? More sex?

I think one of the best things people can do for their health is find out what feels good and do it. Do we know what it feels like to eat lots of raw food for six months? How about switching from soda pop to cool herbal teas?

What makes you feel good?

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