If It's Real Ignore It

If the majority of the people – in the western|industrial|militant societies – really cared about anybody they’d know enough “Now” about their governments to separate themselves from those governments. Every day on every news channel across the globe people hear and see the things the criminal administrators say and do. This should be plenty.

I guess what it boils down to is a lot of people – don’t give a shit about other people. This plays out as continued cooperation and for some a creepy kind of worship. How strange a species where the highest positions in the world are held by criminals – and there are not enough people that care, to stop it. How strange is that? How abnormal, how anti-human, is that?

If these uncaring, unthinking, disconnected people were cells in a body we’d call it cancer. Isn’t that what cancer is? Crazy cells feeding off the body? I guess this means the immune system for the human psyche is shut down. How can people look and not see, listen but not hear?

I really believe part of this majority is honestly not recognizing reality. Part of this cooperative is enjoying the pain being administered. The latter are people who have disconnected with the reality of life itself. They are deeply psychologically diminished. But too many are lost in a shallow delusion – a type of light hypnosis – which allows them to go about their business while the nightmare plays out.

The reality is – Criminals and psychopaths have taken over the planet. Feel this. If you can’t see it ask some higher power to show you if it’s real. Start feeling what’s going on around you.

If you need more reports, more news, more “In the know” documentation – follow this link:

CIA-NATO Front Group Drafts “Humanitarian Aid” for Syria

Then, stop being okay with it. That’s enough for now, you don’t have to stand up and speak out, right any wrongs or get in fights – just stop cooperating mentally.

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