If there is a careful listener

If there is a careful listener… the mind should immediately react through a robust and intelligent inquisition so to prevent the dullness and the squalid obtuseness proliferated and delivered by the preacher and his stoned, blind proselytizing…

The observer of these confabulations should emphasize and point out without hesitation at all that:
1) thought is conditioned ..
2) the so-called “connection with the soul” stems, springs out from thought, it’s indeed an outgoing ideology and escapism out of conditioned thoughts, as well it’s the product of the confusion maturated from and because a battered but unfaced living ..
3) therefore what it determines is nothing but further conditioning and unattainable abstractions in which to take illusory shelter..
4) therefore as long as the mind runs for illusions, so long such mind foments its slow but gradual neurotic process..

This is the way in which the preacher gets canceled .. and the follower stops being a follower .. while the sane thinker comes into being ..

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