If you feel limits

If you feel limits and frictions in your self don’t build up a wall to them… face and live them … you will realize that what you have felt as limits are nothing but prejudices of the identitarian role/s you beLIEved to be yourself (according to the ambient~s you be-LIE-ved to live in) …and you will see at frictions the main keys to speed up out of all bullshits of your mind/emotional/chameleonic identitarian ~conditionings… break emotions, dissolve ideas….

Through living your frictions you will be able to observe the metamorphosis of your fears in your main wings to finally fly away …. break up your be-Lie-lived SElf and fly your dark wings!

‘if you do extraordinary things ….extraordinary things happen ….’

by Linda Mistika T.N.T. for the brain

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