Imagine a baby

Imagine a baby. Let’s say you. Or me. Or whoever. A beautiful small baby all pink or all black and all twittering who was just born… a baby who adapts himself/herself to this new life. He first learns how to communicate by touch, then by the cries, then to listen, then to understand, then later to speak and so to communicate with more deepness this time, and more subtleties. And there comes the birth of language. The language.

It is fascinating. It is something we take from our parents. It is an alliance of sounds and notes. We are learning the language. It’s fascinating, don’t you think? How did we manage to understand and assimilate those thousands of associations of syllables which shape words ? Words, which, associated together, give a meaning? The mind has an incredible flourishing mecanism.. but we use to few of it…

Each language is different in each 197 counties of this world.. Different expressions, different words which came out of nowhere. For some, common roots, but which, in the language, give complete different meanings. Like the word bless which means hurt in French and which means bless in English.

And, as a baby, we explore, we are curious.. we copy what daddy and mummy do because they are the only example that we have. So if we have Christian parents, we become Christians, if we have Muslim parents, we become Muslims.. If we have parents who do not impose their ideas, then we are lucky. Religion, like all the politics and like all the other belief systems, are nothing else then the dad or the mum (the authoritative figure) from our dads and our mums. An other authority to govern us, to tell us what to do. We are being told that we need a line of conduct to behave, does that mean we are not trust ? Or that we do not trust ourselves?

But in every family, in every familial system, we have the choice to stay curious or not. To believe in everything that we’re being told or not. To ask ourself questions or not. After all, why a crocodile is said crocodile, and not crocrodile? Why spectacle and not pestacle? If we listen to children, it seems easier to pronounce the second way.. and they are right..

Why daddy hits mummy, or why mummy screams on daddy all the time ? Why mummy stays home and take care of me when daddy does not care? Why daddy takes care of myself when mummy drinks alcohol all the time and screams to the TV? Why daddy and mummy made me and ask other people to take care of me? Why do I play with dolls when I would like, me too, to build cars ? Why did I grew up in a country? Why going to a school where other kids make fun of me or want to be my friends? Why do we eat beef here and that in an other country in the world, it is sacred? Why the pigs are parked in some kind of concentration camps, to end up in our plates, instead of being in fields of mud, eating and waiting peacefully their death?

Why this country fights with an other country? Why am I being asked to kill my parents at the age of 10, to join an army? Why do I have a lot of foods when some other kids of my age, die everyday from hunger? Why thousands of people go in the streets for the murder of 19 people and the symbol of free-speech, when those who use the free-speech and who say that thousands of people are dying in worse circumstances are not listened to? Or that people don’t care because it is not near them?

Why people do not seem to see nor to ask themselves questions? Why do people obey and surrender themselves to rules without asking questions? Because if we don’t, we’ll be grounded, hit or we will not have a high marks? But where is freedom?

Where is the freedom of the thoughts? Has it been stolen? Our parents stole it from us? Our friends stole it from us? Our teachers stole it from us? No, we let them take it!

We were feeling too bad to be able to think. We believed others when they were hurting us with their words full of venom. We let people decide for us, it’s easier, we do not have a choice to make, we do not have to think. After all, our mind is too complicated.. We are submitted to the decision and to the stare of others. To the stupid judgement. To a point of view, to a belief system.

No I am the one who is right, not you! Why?

Because my daddy told me!
Because my god told me!
Because my country told me!
Because my tv informations told me!
Because my religion told me!

But you, you, what do you think about it? What do you think of all of this without your ideas of power, money nor domination? Without the copy-paste that you do since your birth ? If we take off your identities, what is left? You become all naked like this small pink or black baby we were talking about.. and you can be curious again.. questioning.. seeing clearly.. without the filters we installed on you.. understanding without learning, without copying!

Trust yourself for a bit! Have you already have a glimpse of lucidity, without all those identities, before panic go back on surface? Have you already had an idea by yourself, which was not coming from others’ expectations, society’s expectation, or the idea of someone else?

Because that is the real freedom! It is not being dependant from others! It’s being able to trust yourself! It’s being able to think by yourself in all logic and clarity.. It is not being dependant from others for personal observations..

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