Insane People Fund Big Pharma

When there are golf games on TV I get to watch those insulting ads put out by the Medicine Industry. First we might all want to get it firmly and forever imprinted in our brains that the ads are only there because of the Corporate Government Medical Industry. It’s all just one big business conglomerate dreamed up by people like J. Rockefeller to sell drugs to the public with absolute control of the market.

You can read Rockefeller Medicine Men; Medicine and Capitalism in America or look up “Medical Monopoly” at Amazon.

Read up on the Rockefeller Foundation; Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; Medicine, United States History 20th century; Medical policy – Medical economics. Really all it takes is just some skimming of documents. Once you find out what they’re thinking and doing you can see it unfolding all around us. It’s not a big complicated mystery – just a total monopoly.

Anyway I’m watching this ad selling something for psoriasis and toward the end (while the happy people are still looking and acting happy) the list of side effects are being read. A list so crazy that anyone in their right mind would never consider taking the drug. This, as it says right on the commercial, very dangerous drug is for possibly getting rid of something that is no danger at all.

These crazy ads go on 24/7. I even see these – nutty ads – here on the site. I see crazy shit on TV every time I sit down in the living room. Usually about twice a week during golf games but sometimes I just want to sit in a different room. The other night I saw an ad for dog food bragging about the vegetables in their product. I said to the creature with two horns – why would anyone give vegetables and grain to a dog? She said, “Why, what do dogs eat?” I looked at her for a few seconds to see if she was kidding – and said, “Meat”.

Dogs eat meat, cats eat meat, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore – remember? Horses eat what? No. Horses eat grass. You put a horse or a cow in a field of oats or wheat and they’ll stick there heads down below the grain and look for some “growing green” grass or clover.

So what has happened to people’s brains that they can listen to the drug dealer tell them very clearly – this drug could kill you – then go right ahead  and – after paying some insane price for it – swallow some? What kind of person would do this? It makes no sense to me. Do we never think – What do humans eat?

All this, feeding vegetables to dogs and feeding drugs and poison to humans just started a minute ago. It’s really a very recent phenomena. I guess it’s been going on since right after enough people forgot what food is and what foods different are supposed to animals eat – if they want to be healthy.

Carrots and wheat are not good for your dog. Ask them. If people want to know what to put in their mouths they could go ask 50 nutritionists. I say fifty because I’m sure a few of them would say something absurd.


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