Inspiration, Insight, free of conditioning's and influences

Considering that the word “inspiration” is the composition of “in” (inward), “action” and “spirit”, the etymology of which has nothing to do with the common assertion of “spiritual” but rather refers to a mind who metaphorically “breathes” completely free of conditioning’s and influences..

and considering that the word “insight” comes from the composition of “in” (again: inward) and “sight” (view, perspective, vision, observation).. which has nothing to do with motivational tricks, or mystical ambitions whatsoever..

then one can easily assume that the immensely needed quality of pure self-insight, (“pure” as completely untied from all possible external tips, suggestions, advises, books, words of some guru and so on), must be (or was meant to be) the natural maturation and expansion of the childhood’s inspiration grew up into the the adult psyche..

As kids, indeed, inspiration, which was that attitude capable to spring out from incontaminated curiosity and hunger of exploration, was meant to bring into being, both biologically and psychologically, the formation of a solidly growing intelligence, as well that ability of self-observation and self-orientation that a healthy mind needs as oxygen to become a solid “psychological tree”..

To the many of us, unfortunately, such tree didn’t make it: the seed of inspiration, instead of maturating into insight, became the weed of identitarism.. the whole net of branches of which is made up by thoughts, concepts, values, definitions, intellectualizations, verbalizations and illusions of all kinds..

It’s obvious that thought, which comes from our almost completely conditioned consciousness, is what prevents insight in the adult stage..

…just like thought, used in form of encapsulation of “what’s right and what’s wrong” and all of the other identificatory processes.. when it intercepts the inspiration in the kid’s brain, most of the time through impositive manners.. disintegrates such inspiring movement by inoculating the infecting seed of becoming through competition and the idea of growing through comparison.. which is then what shapes the so called “personality” (that is nothing but a hank of conditioning’s believed as “our” free creation.. or even our “free will”)..

Seeking insights or inspiration somewhere else.. maybe by moving to Bali or India looking for some “spiritual awakening” whatsoever.. or by adopting techniques, tips and practices found in some book or in the words of some guru… are all merely ridiculous actions:
they maybe drag the seeker into some curious, unexpected experiences..

but the seeker remains a seeker, and when the seeker finds something, then the seeker fears, both, to lose that something and he/she wants more than such something.. everlastingly..

There cannot be any insight in seeking, nor inspiration: he or she who seeks insight.. will never ever find any insight, just magic tricks or conceptualizations and verbalizations invented by others which can be useful just to say “it has made my day”..

The very willingness to seek insight or inspiration is thought..

Thought, which is always limited, cannot obviously bring about an inquiry capable to go beyond such thought itself because thought can only see within the range of its limitation..

There is some fascinating psychological movement when one observes how during insight thought is no there..

It is not wisdom, nor mysticism, neither some sort of spiritual experience whatsoever (which are all limiting verbalized thoughts): there is just vision, in full, observation with no production of thoughts.. because thought in itself, having a beginning and an end, cannot obviously have an insight..

Neither an experience, an experience evoked and provoked to bring insight & inspiration into being cannot accomplish its false purpose… it can just generate illusions..

Seeking for insight is operating mechanically; there is no thinking free of urge…

And obviously when one has an insight, a flare of understanding, and such person name such insight attempting the miserable act of achieving a conclusion by giving a label of such insight, calling it “spiritual” or “wisdom” perhaps… then such person has disgracefully already buried the perceptive understanding such person had.. burying it under layers of labels and nonsenses..

And at that point, what remains is nothing but thoughts and speculation, illusions and hallucinations..

which is quite a miserable life ..

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