Intelligence and the crowded mind

You can talk about technical discovery, like archaeology or the exploration of space.. those activities require knowledge.. information.. But psychologically, can it be done the same way?

Can one explore the psyche through the knowledge he or she holds? I mean: we do know neurological notions such as synapsis, grey matter, psychosis and such.. We have theories about psychological disturbances which can be more or less accurate.. We have invented practices consisting in massages and countless forms of meditations, right?

We have psychotherapy, the good one and the shallow, such as the “think positive” and various prototypes of motivational tips whatsoever.. and then we have the entirely nonsensical apparatus we call “spiritual healing” that so many people are currently selecting right now and in the past in order to “fix”, not to comprehend intelligently, psychological issues..

We are currently living an age of explosive uploads and downloads of information of all kind we never and ever experienced before, historically speaking.. which is both a treasure and a form of paradoxical modern ignorance ’cause usually the majority of the individuals pays very little attention in order to detect what is true and what is merely junk, quackery, idiocies.. while they rather tend to just phagocytize the whole load of misty data and notions..

Can self-psychological understanding, unbiased and absolutely intelligent take place when the mind is crowded with information, theories, notions, stratagems and even illusions?

It obviously cannot come into being..

When the brain, the “psychological brain”, faces a psychological mechanism through an activity of thinking about that mechanism without using the knowledge it has as a filter .. and when such brain also thinks about its own knowledge without the thought processes that always tend to adopt knowledge itself as a means to interpret the psychological actual.. then, and only then, intelligence comes into being..

When knowledge is used as a tool aimed to nourish forms of self-aggrandizement, then what take place are perhaps spectacular speeches and efforts.. but whatever takes place will inexorably lack of psychological clarity, which is intelligence..

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