Intelligence is one thing, personality is another

Very few of us are willing to go deep into these fields. First, there is no such thing as “my personality”. Personality is completely conditioned: it’s the result of thought and time and the translation we gave to past experiences we had.

Personality is the product of the past, what the mind accumulated over years and years… plus the conditioned propaganda/influences coming from our cultural background (including the inevitable religious schemes, value systems, localized ideas of common sense and so on)..

We are the aggregate of things invented, promoted and inoculated into our psyche by other authors (and it’s from this word “author” that the word “authority” comes).

“Being spontaneous” sounds nice.

But what makes us think that spontaneity comes into being as the natural result of a liberated psychology that lives in psychological freedom?

What we call spontaneity is often just the easy unfolding of more conditioning.

Intelligence is obviously that psychological ability to see, observe, detect, acknowledge beyond what the mind has accumulated..

For example: when someone calls himself a christian, or a progressive or a “spiritual person”… can the person think about the thoughts and the ideas that created this christian or progressive or spiritual personality, without “thinking” from a place trapped inside those accumulated thoughts and ideas?

In fact, personality is an accidental architecture of thoughts: it’s the accumulated-over-time psychological picture we got from events and others, but wear around ourselves and calling it the “me”…

Personality has no intelligence and operates by itself without the need of any.

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