Intelligent nonsense

I never use the word intelligence when I’m thinking about things… I don’t agree with the school of thought about a type of intelligence. Intelligence has always been, at least as far as I know, a state… or a function, like the intelligence community.

Now we’ve set up some arbitrary lines and declare this thing has intelligence (cat) this thing doesn’t (something)… then here lately I’ve been reading about this brand of intelligence, the proper use of intelligence, the corruption of intelligence, the evolution of intelligence and so on. Why? How does this help people?

If we simply agreed that all people are intelligent, that all people are emotional, (that all people want to be happy)… then we could drop it, stop going on about it, and get to work on whatever it is that’s bothering us. In communicating ideas, by way of discussion, I see words as a necessary evil… too often the tendency is to impress others with our words, to entertain and appear “intellectual”. This stands in the way of whatever we set out to achieve.

Falling in love with words is good for poetry and song… but for people who want to solve problems… wading through a swamp of words is an unnecessary waste of time.

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