Intentional Lifestyles

For a while I’ve been a fan of “Intentional communities”. This are communities formed by people who have realistically looked around and inside themselves and said, “I need to live different”.

This morning I woke up thinking “Make a Town”. That was it, just, make a town. I started wondering if I could. Would I need to find some un-incorporated land? Is there any? Is there any land in the US that someone doesn’t own or control? I don’t know.

I thought about looking up the patents on earth batteries and wondered about clean water. What I was really after I guess was some way to live intentionally. To be as independent from kooky government and the yoke of laws and regulation as possibly I could. So far that’s all I’ve done – thought about it.

I think about it everyday in one form or another – how can I get myself free? I’ve thought about it now for fifty years. Still haven’t got decent a plan.

Is there a way to get free of all collective dictatorships? Or can we only hope to find or form a less crazy one? I don’t know. I know living by default is not a healthy way to live. I can’t imagine that living free wouldn’t be more enjoyable. Wouldn’t it be better to decide what you wanted to do than to figure out how to do what you had to do? I’m sort of surprised people haven’t just said, “We quit!” (more often) – Why does it take so long to see the dictatorships which spring from every known form of government?

It’s not like there’s no information, no historic reference repeating itself. It’s not like every person hasn’t seen it with their own eyes. Anyway …

So I’ll renew my efforts to live as I intend. Today, right now as things stand, I don’t know what more I can do.

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