Investigate feelings

Beneath what we’re feeling

I question everything I think I know… In this way I can examine my conditionings: things I was taught, heard about, read about; and, for whatever reason, accepted…

I could say I know I have feelings, but I question why… Why this feeling now? Where is the feeling coming from? All feelings, all ideas, all “I shoulds”, “I knows”… get put under the microscope

A note from a friend…

I wonder, if for a minute we pretend that we have no name for happiness or pain or sadness etc. I wonder, if we were taught since children to experience the motion of energy through us, manifesting in slightly different ways at different times… I wonder, what would be left to dramatize about? Separate? Prefer? Suppress? Express? Become addicted to?

It happened few months ago that I deliberately watched things on you tube that brought up huge “happiness” and then I watched stuff that brought up huge “pain”. In both cases, I didn’t interpret. Just opened up to feeling that I was feeling regardless if I was smiling and feeling happy or if I was crying and feeling pain.

After some time, in both cases, when I didn’t bite into my ideas of what is what and what’s wrong and right, as I was going through the conditioned emotional waves, without stopping there, I was entering the same experience of energy motion irrelevant of what the trigger had been. I cannot really put it in words the actual experience behind the experience but it was the same and undifferentiated.

Kalliopi Tsiknia

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