Investigating Terrorism

The story we’re told is that terrorism is the biggest threat to national security.

So what does these terrorists want? What is the target? Who, or what, is the enemy in the mind of the terrorist portrayed in the story?

I have asked myself this question and what I see doesn’t line up with the answer provided by the government”s media.

I guess there are some people who are terrorized by the bombs that go off in public places. There may be those who are afraid to leave there houses in the morning. I would suspect most people become a little more aware and cautious. Lots of people feel anger towards the people blamed in the government “what happened” stories.

But shouldn’t we ask who gains by setting off a bomb in Boston? How does terror advance the cause of the terrorist? What advances are made? Remember, in any criminal investigation we look for who gains and how. Violent crimes are, in general, committed over love, money or a sense of necessity.

Who gains from bombing the World Trade Center? Who gains from exploding a car in a city anywhere in the world. What happens after any act of so called terrorism? What changes?

If a person, or group, assaults people at a puplic gathering, blows up a building or anything else in an attempt to “Make a statement”, what’s the statement? If the act was truly done by those types of people or groups of touted ideologies the only message I get is, “We couldn’t think of anything else.”

Why attack the public at all? The public is guilty only of being maybe stupid, or ignorant, or crazy. So what’s the point? Where is the gain in making people act more stupid and crazy? Who gains and what is gained?

Answer this and we’ll be closer to solving the crime.

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