Invited change is not change

There is a part of mankind, the biggest part, that is not interested in changing at all…

An immensity of people merely accept the dullness of living, the ritual, the red dot on the forehead that represents the “third eye”, the activity of going to the temple every single dull day, the rumbling of complaining about the taxes, the misery of life, the neighbor, the social problems.. or just busy in the chattering of the gossip.. the sterility of a materialistic living and so on..

and then there is another part, a huge part as well, a part that worships the necessity of a change, whatever way that change is called, whether “waking up”, or “collective evolution”, or “spiritual awakening” whatsoever and all the rest of the circus..

but in truth even this part of people is actually caught in the limbo of spiritual mythologies, various “the secret” and “the power of now”, the myth of living positively, the swamp of the new age with all of its weight of terrible nonsenses and incredible absurdities that make the psyche more and more stupid.. or the second hand psychosocial show and market of countless motivational puddings of all sorts..

However; one wonders if a human being can change at all, this question remains..

Not talking about a change, fomenting and picking up biases of all kind, smokes with no flame, whether it be spiritual masturbations, or ideological ones, or political, or back to the marble cage of religions and so on.. but actually change.

Not a change in terms of action or whatever revolution.. but a change in thinking, in the very psychological structure, in the “psychological brain”.. in terms of completely clear understanding..

What’s “change”?

It’s healthy to change, if we wish so, not necessarily through physical actions, breaking the habit or travelling and this sort of activities..
but rather in terms of questioning, elasticise the psyche, seeing the ideas from different perspectives and so on..

however, to invite the change is to never change.. whether through prayers, hopes, irrational actions or seeking for some inspiration..

Inspiration, seeking for it, goes together with comparison.. which is the outcome of the fear of being not psychologically sufficient.. (with any study of that fear)..

To evoke some kind of spiritual solution, is indication of confusion..
To rise and to stupidly glorify inventions such as “soul” and archetypes of “love”, still indication of confusion and conditioning’s.. and confusion it remains..

To cling to ideals, is the cling to petrification, then history repeats itself..

To study this trap, outside of all biases, is to actually change.

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