Is College Worth The Cost?

Promises, Promises…Top Professions For You

The promise that colleges and government is making is this: You’ll earn more money. More money?

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics in its annual (May, 2010) Occupational Employment and Wages report the top-paying industries are dominated by health care professionals. The report says nine of the 10 highest-paid jobs in America are in the health care industry. The only other group that made the governments top 10 list is corporate executives.

Here are the government’s top ten money making professions:

  1. Surgeons
  2. Anesthesiologists
  3. Oral surgeons
  4. Obstetricians And Gynecologists
  5. Internists
  6. Orthodontists
  7. Physicians And Surgeons
  8. Family And General Practitioners
  9. Chief Executives
  10. Psychiatrists

But wait a second. What are the top money making corporations? According to Fortune 500 they are:

  1. Wal-Mart Stores
  2. Exxon Mobil
  3. Chevron
  4. ConocoPhillips
  5. Fannie Mae
  6. General Electric
  7. Berkshire Hathaway
  8. General Motors
  9. Bank of America
  10. Ford Motor

Does something seem wrong when you sit these side by side like we are now? We see that oil companies are in the top corporate money makers. How about people working for them? What do they earn?

Petroleum engineers are one of the best paid professionals around. The salaries reported by the SPE members in a salary survey conducted by Western Management Group for the SPE of more than 10,000 SPE members in 2007.

Results showed the average base salary of respondents worldwide was USD 122,458, an increase from the USD 116,834 in the 2006 survey. Taken from

If we look at the average wage for 2007 wages of $120,000 we’ll notice it’s about the same as all those health care professionals. Why list a bunch of health care professions in a government list of top earners when they’re really not any more “top” then a lot of others?

Here are the biggest private companies in the US according to Forbes Top Ten. Listed by Company, State and Product

  1. Cargill – MN – Farm Products
  2. Koch Industries – KS – Chemicals – Major Diversified
  3. Bechtel – CA – Heavy Construction
  4. HCA – TN – Hospitals
  5. Mars – VA – Confectioners
  6. Chrysler – MI – Auto Manufacturers
  7. PricewaterhouseCoopers – NY – Business Services
  8. Publix Super Markets – FL – Grocery Stores
  9. Ernst & Young – NY – Business Services
  10. C&S Wholesale Grocers – NH – Food Wholesale

Where are all these jobs when it comes to the government’s list? Okay, they listed “Top level Executives” at an average annual income of around $200,000 then listed all those different health care professions individually.

So, we have the government’s list that doesn’t look much like the other lists and doesn’t list much of anything. Let’s think about why that might be. What are the current government’s top industries? The top government industries are health care, incarceration, education and war. That’s the focus of the US government.

Look at all the news and messages coming out of DC – see the orchestrated propaganda machine at work. It’s repeated over and over – Health Care, Education and War.

The Message For Kids:
Who makes money in this society? Find out

People who build things, make things or invent things?

At the moment we have what amounts to the banning and burning of books. You might not see it since there’s no pile of books burning in the square. These days it happens in schools in the form of censorship controls. If you go to all public (government sponsored) schools across the US you’ll find little difference in the text books being used.

The jobs that schools and colleges are training kids for are all maintenance positions. If you are willing to work to maintain a fixed and unchangeable infrastructure you can have something to do that will pay you enough to live, maybe. What the government is pushing you to do, offering you loans to do, is go into one of two professions – Health Care or The Military.

Personal Observation – three graduates one exceptional the others average

I watched three kids from the same family, two brothers and a live in friend, go to college a year or two apart. Two of the kids are now working as infrastructure support. Unless they make something, build something, unique and are able to market it they’ll always work in maintenance. Lots of people would like to have these jobs but there is no college needed to do the jobs. The other has an exceptional brain. He has a didactic memory and a gift for computer programming. He does what others can’t and will always have the best paid positions (If he wants them). College didn’t make this possible – He was already there in high school.

Time Wasted

As people with their own lives to live, decisions to make, ethics to develop and so on each person needs to examine what they really want to do with their working lives. As the medical profession has turned into a government run industry and in doing so made all medical professions into maintenance positions so goes a lot of other professions as well.

I would encourage all kids to look at things real closely when thinking about the future and ask, “What would I really like to do? What would I really enjoy doing? What do I find truly fascinating?”. If it’s turning a knob in an operating room – go for it. But don’t “Go for it” on the advice of others alone. All people have their own motives and ideas about what’s best for you and best for people in general.


It’s not time to retire yet. When it is, you won’t recognize the world as anything similar to the world you know today. A hundred years ago there were a lot of people riding horses to work.

Make something, build something

The best way to make a living is to build something that people want and need. Can you design a strong biodegradable material for homes that you can make prefab and sell to anyone with half and acre so they can move in and have a place to live? Can you build an alcohol production plant that will provide alternative fuel for combustion engines? Can you build a better mouse trap?

If you can build things you can change the world and make it yours. Or you can get a job in maintenance.

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