Is Homosexuality About Sex?

The issue some people have with homosexuality has more to do with their ideas about sex than sexuality… Sexuality is an invention of people who can think of nothing better to do…

I found out that many of the guys I knew from school had sex with each other, other family members, cows and horses… None of them would I consider homosexuals, they were just young and horny… Basically boners with shirts and shoes

Someone suggested that I research some serious science sites… Serious? Just because a scientific site is serious doesn’t mean it’s not full of conditioned thinking… with personal agendas, financial needs, spotlight needs and all kinds of other silliness… Scientists are just as prone to stupid as any other person

To me homosexual is more about an emotional need being filled…

This came up today, again, where the quote (from some serious scientist) that there are over 1,500 demonstrations of Homosexuality in the animal kingdom… Are those Ewes kissing?

Look scientist Bob, Is that boy goat sniffing that other boy goats ass? Hell yes scientist Bill, that’s a boy on boy goat ass sniff if I ever saw one. Is that gay scientist Bob? Oh yeah scientist Bill, that’s pure homosexual love…

The question I ask is, “Is sex the defining characteristic of, the so called, sexuality?”

Is Heterosexuality About Sex? Are is emotional involvement the defining factor in the naming of sexual relationships… More important: would these questions even come up if we weren’t so bent when it comes to sex in the first place?

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