Is love compatible with sanity?

There should be this question to face, which sounds as a strange question isn’t it so? Can love, as we know it, be compatible with a future evolution of human intelligence that does not foment and generate fear and cruelty?

Forgetting the various sentimentalisms, but rather through an intelligent observation, one can clearly see how wherever there is love, there is a state of protectiveness, or confusion, or even conflict..

It is a matter of fact, willy nilly, that where there is love, there there is division: love for your god, love for your family, love for your partner, ideal, flag, country, spiritual path whatsoever: are not there divisions?

We all talk about love and so we have been doing for thousands of years.. so, by thinking rationally, not rhetorically or superficially: where is love in the world? There is my love, and your love, our elements of love and their elements of love right?

And in the middle there is tolerance perhaps.. but wherever there is tolerance, tolerance is there because of separation..
This is clear I guess.. isn’t it so?

Thinking shapes thought, and thought is a response to memories of suffering or to memories of pleasure.

I assume that love should be a state of complete intelligence, ever fresh, creative, immaculate, even joyous sometimes, surely with no conditioning’s at all..

Love and free intelligence go together, indeed are merely two definition to say the same psychological condition…
This imposes a question to each one of us.. a question that must be faced deeply, seriously, not stupidly or through confabulations anchored to beliefs.. and the question is: is what we call love a state of completely free intelligence?

We should go deep into this question.. not taking notes or clinging to something said by someone else.. but rather privately.. intensely..

Love that springs out from thought is always a corrupted love.. no matter how pleasant and intoxicant it may be..
because thought is always conditioned .. and the love that comes from thought has the dangerous quality to take over the whole psyche..

Such love is dangerous to the individual, to relationship, to mankind in general.. and that’s history, not the opinion of the speaker.

How can there be love if intelligence is limited to a barrier, the psychological picture established over a person, an idol, a god, a nation, a a particular group of ideals or a spiritual sophism made up by unreality (such as “infinite love”, “soul love” and similar stuff)?

That’s not love ’cause it carries no free intelligence: that’s merely sentimental primitivism; it can’t have any evolutionary future… because free intelligence, which is love, is what happens to an evolutionary mind when such mind thinks without the ropes that tie her down to her memories..

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