Is not having a belief system another belief system

Questioner: “…how not having a belief system does not in itself become another belief system”

Thoughts: I think in a lot of people it does become another belief system… at least at first. It would almost have to I guess… We are asked to understand the destructive nature of holding beliefs, to examine all aspects of our mind and find out about ourselves at the deepest levels.

Why would anyone agree to do this? Why would anyone be interested in trying it? How would it come about that the suggestion gets made, heard or considered?

I guess first the current belief system had to be seen as failing and the suggestion would have to be believed in as a potential for something better. So the person becomes willing to give something new a try because they believe, to some degree, it might work to their advantage.

The difference here is: the outcome of examining our beliefs might result in the dissolution of the need for belief.

I don’t personally argue with people about their beliefs… I will question them, get them to explain them to me if they’re willing…

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