Is our savior complex is killing us?

Why can’t we stop the insane belief that we can petition our owners for change? We have a global political crisis. But we keep looking to that political body for answers. Why? Why would it cross our minds that it had any?

Our monetary system is completely foul. It was not designed to work in our favor. Why do we look to it for solutions to financial troubles? Time after time after time we watch everything stay the same. We recently saw the federal reserve take charge of itself, under the guise of a political appointed regulator. Are we that stupid?

I think a lot of this is due to a savior complex. No matter how much we claim to be realistic and all grow’d up we can’t escape the influence of Sunday school. We just won’t let go of the stuff that’s killing us. We all want to do more. Spend more. Try harder. Form another committee. That’s been proven to work well huh?

We say we want to make life better for everyone. Everyone says it. All the time, day in and day out, as the lives of people around the world become more horrific. Why can’t we stop?

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