Is there such a thing as an original idea?

Is there such a thing as an original idea? Can a person come up with an original idea?

Can we have, come up with, generate, a new idea? Can we generate a new thought?

Is there any thing, in reality, that has not always been in reality? Is there such a thing as adding to reality? What could that be? Where would that “new thing” come from? If it was not, is not, part of reality now… can it exist?

Can we create reality? I’m not talking about the slogan “We create our own reality” but actual creation in itself… Is it possible to create that which is not created?… not here in reality already…

If not, where did the idea of creation come from?

If there is only what is real… then all those thoughts and ideas we “grasp” were here to grasp all along… not invented, generated, or created by people… but finally grasp by people… Is this why we say, “I got it!”? … or we might say, “It just came to me…”, where did it come from?

If something “Just comes to us…” it was there all along… If all ideas and thoughts, if all reality is here, and has been here, how about the thoughts we have about being able to fly?

Don’t we all want to fly?

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