Its an oddity and an absurdity

Its an oddity and an absurdity that we think mostly with our memories as if that is all there is to thinking… that memories have the most merit. But memories are just a small part of our thinking capacity… not to mention that our memories are mostly inaccurate… even a dirty liar.

Its an oddity and an absurdity that the mind does not feel pain when it comes to memories… that it will play the same thing over and over torturing us. Or are we masochists with certain thoughts?

Our memory also manipulate our emotions… it makes us react and get all worked up over phantoms and fallacies in the mind. Its often bias and crooked and renders our mind unable to think outside of the memory to see what is behind it and how it works.

Our memories also make us fake and petty because if we believe the lies of the memory shaped conditioned brainwashing of how we see the world then we are also lying to ourselves… and when we lie to ourselves we are being fake. When we are fake we create dramas and confusions and fights over the absurdities of dishonest bias crooked memories.

This is our past that we keep recreating psychologically… this is the limbo, the matrix, that everyone is stuck in and we will not get out until we understand fully, deeply and profoundly how this works: so as to dismantle it.

If we keep thinking through our memories, as the king of thinking we can not be intelligent… we can only devolve. If we all think this way, which most of us do, then we can not have healthy minds either. But no one seems to care about the healthiness of their mind, they just look to psychologists, ignoring the fact that psychology today does not work… not even for the psychologists, they to are drowning at the mercy of false fake memories.

No one seems to want to admit this or see it for what it is. We live in a world where it is considered progress to have a psychologist every 50 meters. We live in a our world of petty superficial thinking… of absurdities that love is the answer and will solve everything.

People refuse to see the facts that, that kind of thinking, only makes things worse because it does not equal understanding or intelligence… just more negligence.

When we think through just our memories alone we are not thinking.
Can you think beyond and outside of memories?
Can you think with memories as a tool and not the king, the end all be all?
do you have a healthy mind?

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