Jessica Schab on the Shift, Alien Tech and the New Age

I still get people asking about my refusal to involve myself with the new age community… This is taken from a conversation I had with someone recently

… first of all there is no time thus no time travel… its a lie, a fabrication in the mind, there is no revolution, no shift.. at least not in the way people think. Its not going to get better but worse..

… people can not have this technology its very dangerous… think if people had time travel, if it existed what they would do… the mess it would create… are you thinking at all? People can not handle their own mind, there is no way they can handle this technology… there is a reason its been kept from people it must be.. think how dangerous this is. Every century gets duped with this, the time is now, we are shifting, crap we have been saying it for thousands of years and where we are now? In total confusion, and mess, and pettiness, mental illness, thinking we are special and have a mission to a shift… we have been duped… No technology, no aliens, no jesus, is going to save us.

This confusion must not spread… nor can people be able to escape… they must understand… it not wait for someone or thing else to do it for them… do you know anything about MARS? …people said Obama would disclose all this alien stuff… but he didn’t, he wont and he cant… same with the next president… that president will just make things even more worse cause that is math and a fact.

…there will be a police state because people are following absurdities of the new age rather then thinking fully and profoundly… this is happening now… their own mind has become a police state as well… and we allow it by thinking we are soldiers of a revolution and stuff…Our desire, desperation, to find a solution with out understanding the problem in our psyche just only makes and adds to the problem.

I am no longer a new age spiritual speaker and am now sharing, speaking out, how this thinking does more harm then good to the psyche. I am telling you now your going to wait for ever for a shift that will never come.

If mankind were to inherit this technology you speak of then they would destroy themselves in an instant due to their insanity. The only shift is the devolution of our intelligence from following, believing, this stuff… forever spinning in circles of nothingness as our brain decays more and more. We are not blessed… we are screwed… there is no way out if we are not willing to think fully on our confusion and our idiotic beliefs

Its very arrogant to say or think we have some special image… we humans are a disgraced race.. most of the races in this universe want nothing to do with us… or to exploit us, cause we refuse to think or see things as is… we just want to cling to our illusions… hold ourselves in our own self created limbo.

I’m not saying this to be mean… i just would like you to think more clearly about your beliefs

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